I help people, brands & organizations to create web films, social media content, commercials, mood films & documentaries. Here are some selected projects:

Kära Pappa, SVT


My first ever documentary that was aired on Swedish television (SVT). Curiously I ask a older generation of men about their experiences of being a father. What have they been afraid of? Have there been any sacrifices? Any regrets? An intimate and authentic short film about fatherhood and a homage to the ones who’s been embarking on that journey.

Råsaft – Juice from scratch


A film taking you through the production line of Råsafts unique, healthy and amazingly tasty juice.

Move Mgmt

Company Mood Film

Flip Flop Interactive hired me to film, edit and grade this mood film for management company MOVE. They wanted a film based on the main themes of facilitation: inspiration, people etc – a film that would help them build trust in their brand.



Flip Flop Interactive hired me to film, edit and grade this promotional video for Scandinavian workout company – SATS


Mood Film / Commercial

A film for social media promoting the award winning spa in Stockholm archipelago.

Smith & Thell – ROW

Music Video

DOP/Edit/Grade: Johan Blomborg
Director: August Segerholm
Producer: Peter Jonasson
Props: Leo Eklund
Animation/VFX: Johan Thörnqvist, Anna Karlson –
Make-Up: Mia Högfeldt
Boats: Ville Jegerhjelm

Blanda Varandra-stipendiet

Portrait Video

Regisserat och filmat en rad filmer för Gålöstiftelsens ‘Blanda Varandra’-stipendium

Blanda Varandra-stipendiet tilldelas någon som på ett inspirerande och nyskapande sätt gör en insats för att skapa engagemang och framtidstro hos unga för ett inkluderande, mångkulturellt huvudstadsområde.

Ane Brun – Directions

Music Video

Music Video for Norwegian artist Ane Brun. Filmed in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Directed by: Ane Brun & André Jofré 
Co-Direction by: Anders Heberling
Director of Photography: Johan Blomborg
Choreography by: Mari Carrasco
Produced by: Ane Brun
Make up by: Madeleine Gaterud
Styling by: Anna Grenås
Gaffer: Markus Bengtsson


Short Documentary

Scandinavian Real Heart is developing the world’s first artificial heart with four chambers, which imitates the human heart’s pumping function. The goal is to be able to help millions of people around the world that suffers from chronic heart disease. In 2019, Realheart conducted a series of animal trials on sheep with the aim of verifying the technology for its artificial heart. I helped them film and edit this documentary, following the operations.